Group Fitness Training Class.
Personal training for LESS. BLBTRAINING’s Group Fitness Training class is the most affordable fitness training program. You’ll have the benefits of a Degreed and Certified Personal Trainer at the fraction of the price. Brandon will ensure you are performing the exercises properly and working to push your current fitness level no matter what level you are at. BLBTRAINING’s Group Fitness Training class focuses on strength/resistance training. You will learn correct posture and how to execute proper exercise form using machines and other exercise equipment. New exercises and techniques will be introduced, while safely and effectively improving muscular strength and endurance along with cardiovascular fitness. Each class is uniquely different than the last, but always incorporates a FULL BODY workout (upper body, lower body and core). A variety of exercises are integrated with various equipment, such as; strength/resistance machines (if available), free weights (hand weights, barbells & dumbbells), tubing, body bars, stability balls, medicine balls, circuit steps and BOSU balance trainers in a fun and motivating environment to better strengthen and sculpt ALL muscle groups. You’ll gain confidence and boost your metabolism in a fun, dynamic group environment with creative music sounds. Leave class feeling stronger, more flexible and more energized.


Cash, Check (made payable to: BLBTRAINING) or Credit card (Online)
Any NEW participant would be able to sign-up at ANY TIME during the current 6-week session and would be PRO-RATED
NO refunds (If participants miss days, they will be allowed to make-up their missed days on ANY other scheduled class day and time as long as there is space available and it is within the current 6-week program session period)



Participant's Full Name:
Phone Number:
Preferred Session Day/s & Time:


Participant's Full Name:
Phone Number:
Preferred Session Day/s & Time:



Private Individual, Semi-Private (2-3 participants) and Group (4 or more participants)
Available By Appointment Only (E-mail: brandon@blbtraining.com OR Call: 630 248.0364)


Facility based (see Locations)
For ALL ages and fitness levels
NO gym membership required
Duration of class; 45 minutes



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