Group Personal Training.
Group Personal Training is a fitness training program that incorporates many of the same benefits of Individual Personal Training, however in a group setting of 2-4 individuals and with less personal attention.

Group Personal Training is more affordable than Individual Personal Training and allows participants an opportunity to train with their spouse, friends and family members to create a fun, dynamic yet productive environment.

Every individual participant will have a personalized fitness plan developed to help them achieve their own specific health and fitness goals. Each custom-built plan will be based on “3” basic health and fitness components; Nutrition, Strength Training and Cardiovascular Fitness and will entail the following; nutritional guidelines (what to eat and how to eat to optimize metabolism), various strength training fundamentals and techniques to become stronger and more lean (learn correct posture, proper exercise form, how to set (machines), how to use exercise equipment (dumbbells, tubing, stability balls, etc.) properly, how to figure the optimal number of sets, reps, pace of reps, amount of resistance, etc. based on specific goals and how to avoid injury), along with advice to maximize cardiovascular fitness (how to calculate and use one’s specific THR (target heart rate) zone, how to choose proper cardiovascular equipment and how to select the appropriate program setting and time to best boost calorie burn, increase heart/lung function and improve immune system).

As a Trainer, Brandon also understands the value of everyone’s time and so along with maximizing the effectiveness of each individual’s nutrition and exercise regimen, he also creatively develops a strategy to efficiently link each individual’s personalized fitness plan to their current (work, family, etc.) schedule.

Constant advice will be provided, and everyone within the group will be continually motivated and supported as they progress towards achieving their specific health & fitness goals.


In-home or facility based (see Locations)

For ALL ages and fitness levels

NO gym membership required

NEW clients receive a FREE BLBTRAINING T-shirt

Duration of session; 45 minutes


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