“During the time I’ve trained with Brandon, I’ve lost a considerable percentage of body fat, become significantly stronger, and have enjoyed an all around better quality of life. Brandon has the ability to know your limits, yet consistently challenge you to push them, so you become stronger and more fit. His ability to motivate you to perform at your best is unsurpassed in my opinion. I highly recommend working with Brandon to achieve all of your fitness goals.”

Laura Ellis
Senior Vice President
Baird & Warner
Chicago, IL
Age 42


“I’m an Executive Chef in the hospitality industry; my job is to provide a quality personalized experience for our guests. Brandon’s style of training is that such style. He has taken the time to learn what your body needs and accurately tracks your improvement in a very detailed format. His beliefs and passion for what the industry is, are truly a rare find. My job exposes you to a very unhealthy lifestyle. Stress induced fatalities, coupled with our general lack of exercise has forced me to rethink how I view fitness. Now 4 years later, I’m a 40 year old man with the energy of a 20 year old.”

Bernie Laskowski
Executive Chef
Park Grill at Millennium Park
Chicago, IL
Age 40


“Before joining Group Fitness Training and working out with Brandon I could barely do a push up. Now not only can I do push ups but have toned muscles I forgot I had. Brandon's knowledge and encouragement have motivated me to work out more, improve my nutrition and overall feel better about myself. I have been so pleased with my experience with Brandon and I hope to continue working with him for a long time to come.”

Candice Sherlock
Dental Hygienist
Russell V. Fu, DDS, Ltd.
Woodridge, IL
Age 26


“Not only has taking Fitness Bootcamp class been a lot of fun, it has motivated me to be more active and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  I have lost 25 pounds since starting his class.  Thanks Brandon!!!”

Debbie Ceen
College Student
Lisle, IL
Age 28


“Every Tuesday morning, I try to think of an excuse to not get up and go to exercise.  So far two and a half years have past and I still have not come up with a good reason.  In fact, I only have good reasons for continuing to be trained by Brandon.  I will be 67 all too soon, but I think that the time I have spent with him has made me stronger and, yes, younger.  I take care of two preschool grandchildren everyday of the week except Tuesdays.  I am positive that Brandon has helped to condition and strengthen me for the rigors of childcare.  He is very knowledgeable about the human body and how to make it move the right way.  Brandon is also willing to advise his clients on nutrition.  I believe that he is extremely qualified to work with clients of every age.  I would recommend Brandon Bender as a Personal Trainer to anyone who wants to be trained by the best.”

Joy Law
Oswego, IL
Age 66


“At 57, I have finally figured out that I can get a limited return on my workouts on my own, or work with Brandon and maximize the benefit for the time invested. Over the last few years, I have made more progress and felt better than at any similar period on my own.” 

Doug Stuart
Dunnet Bay Construction
Glendale Heights, IL
Age 57


“I look forward to coming to Brandon’s Fitness Bootcamp class every week.  Since starting the class, I can tell that I have a lot more muscle tone and also improved endurance for aerobic activities.  The class is very challenging and rewarding.  The exercise routine is different every class, so I am always stretched in new ways.  I leave the class feeling better then when I came and knowing I had a great workout.”

Jessica Neubauer
Teacher Care
Schaumburg, IL
Age 26


“I have been involved with a group working with Brandon for almost two years now.  I find it to be a great fit for me.  There are some of the exercises which I can't do.  Brandon figures out similar exercises which work for me and my body.  From working with Brandon I am much more "bendable" than a lot of my friends who are my age.  I actually look forward to our workouts every week.  I hope I can continue until I am 94!”

Corky Lycke
Oswego, IL
Age 72


“Since starting Brandon’s Group Fitness Training class I have noticed an increase in muscle tone and energy. I credit my results to the variety of different muscle groups he targets in each class. I would recommend the class to anyone looking to tone up.”

Kate Croteau
Management Analyst
Woodridge Police Department
Woodridge, IL


“I’ve been training with Brandon for over 5 years now.  I was introduced to Brandon through my wife, who gave me “3” training sessions as a gift for my birthday.  Needless to say, the “3” lessons turned into “10” and those turned into “20” and 5 years later I am still training with Brandon.  I’ve always been relatively athletic, but training with Brandon has increased my stamina and strength.  He has made me realize my potential and instilled a confidence in me that was lacking.  I am 57 years old and thanks to Brandon I am still active in sports including 8-man flag football, where I am twice the age of most of the other players.  Thanks Brandon.”

Richard Webb
Director of Finance
Charles Industries, Ltd.
Rolling Meadows, IL
Age 57


“My story is what I consider "typical."  How many times have you heard, I lose weight only to put it back on or sometimes even more?  Well that was me.  I needed something to "break the mold.”  I made the decision to take an exercise class and that's when I came across a Fitness Bootcamp class.  The class seemed to offer everything I needed to kick my workout into high gear.  Over the course of 18 months, I lost a total of 50 lbs. and went from a size 18-20 to size 10-12.  I have done this by not only working out, but by changing my eating habits.  I can't say enough about the class and the instructor Brandon.  Brandon's class is challenging, but very rewarding.  I have also been training individually with Brandon for a little over a year now.  Brandon has kept me motivated and will keep you motivated too.  Whatever weight loss goals you have, Brandon will help you to achieve them.  Not only by exercise, but will go over a nutrition plan with his clients as well.  I highly recommend this to anyone who not only wants to lose weight, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Tracey Lynch
Medical Receptionist
Dupage Medical Group
Naperville, IL
Age 41


“I met Brandon almost 10 years ago, when I was training to compete in Kumite at the US Shotokan Karate National Championships. Brandon was recommended to me by a police officer who was training with him. I began training with Brandon three times a week. The training focused on strength and reaction programs. I competed and medaled four straight years, until I changed careers. I went to the police academy and was required to pass a fitness test called the POWER test prior to my entrance into the police academy. I was required to run 5-7 miles a day, practice ground fighting and control tactics. Once again, Brandon devised new programs focused on preparing me for the police academy and my new career as a police officer though cardio, muscular endurance and stress relief. Brandon is simply the best when it comes to personal training. No ego, no supplements, just nutritional advice and his desire to see you succeed. Being a police officer, I don't trust easily. I would trust Brandon with my
wife, and I do. Brandon trains my wife three times a week.”

Dan S.
Police Officer
US Shotokan National Competitor and Medalist
Bolingbrook, IL
Age 39


“I enjoy my workouts each week with Brandon, it gives me energy and puts me in a good mood.  It is a great stress release and I wish I could do it more often.”

Laurie Meurer
Registered Nurse
Edward Hospital OBGYN
Naperville, IL
Age 55


“I have been training with Brandon and BLBTRAINING for the past 6 months.  In this time I have noticed an increase in my overall strength and flexibility, improved muscle tone, weight loss and overall trimming and toning. The classes are fun and challenging and packed with great overall fitness advice and guidance. The instruction is focused on challenging moves with an emphasis on good form in order to prevent injury and maximize the benefit of each exercise. I am excited to continue working with Brandon to accomplish my overall fitness goals and would highly recommend his training method to those interested in increasing any fitness level.”

Melissa Bohse
Management Analyst
Village of Woodridge
Woodridge, IL


“I have attended Brandon’s Group Fitness Training class for the past two years and I have achieved, improved mobility, stronger muscles, and very important improved my posture.  I have lost 20 pounds and kept it off.  Great class and dedicated trainer.”

Jeanne Rechenmacher
Real Estate Broker
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Naperville, IL
Age 66


"I started working out with Brandon 5 years ago.  My goal was to keep up with my active husband.  I had the start of arthritis in my knees; there was pain walking, squatting and climbing stairs.  Since working out, I have no more pain.  As an extra bonus, I have kept off 19 pounds and dropped 3 dress sizes.  We do a lot of hiking vacations.”

Paula W.
Office Manager
Aurora, IL
Age 57


“The amount of success I have had with BLBTRAINING is immeasurable. Since training with Brandon, I have not only lost a considerable amount of weight after the birth of my two sons, but I have gained more energy and strength than ever before. Brandon provides a nice balance of knowing your limitations, but also challenges you to help you reach your goals. The attention and commitment Brandon puts into your personal training sessions boosts your internal motivation to accomplish whatever you work on towards achieving.”

Jennifer S.
School Psychologist
Bolingbrook, IL
Age 39


"Brandon will help you set and then meet your goals.  His workout plans take into account your current fitness level and then encourage you to continue to improve.  His knowledge of physiology helps you focus on problem areas as well as general fitness.  After two years, I am still very happy with both the process and the results."

Kathy C.
Oswego, IL
Age 61


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